The Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School (TEECS) is a tuition-free public school and the first K­-12 School in the state of NJ to focus specifically on green/renewable energy. We are committed to providing a rigorous curriculum to our students in a small and personalized learning environment.


TEECS' mission is to offer a safe, secure, structured and stimulating educational environment to develop students' academic, technical, personal, and critical thinking skills necessary to meet the standards that will enable them to succeed in a global economy, predicated on knowledge and innovation. TEECS will instill in every student the desire to continually expand their intellect and use the content knowledge and skills they've acquired to participate and responsibly shape the direction of a complex world with ever-increasing climate challenges and energy demand.


This mission articulates a vision for a public school that ensures students have the capacity to realize the tenets of the school's mission through the delivery of a high quality education program that:

·       Supports new models focused on richness, rigor and relevance to ensure every student is green/renewable energy literate upon graduation;

·       Integrates resources of the community into the education program through services and support;

·       Creates a culture of multicultural understanding, tolerance, and respect in an atmosphere of collaboration and positive adult student relationships;

·       Offers students opportunities to excel in academics in an environment of challenge, support and collaboration; and

·       Supports new, state-of-the-art assessments and accountability systems that provide timely and useful information about the learning and progress of individual students.